✆ 02-555-2000 ext 8110, 8114, 8147 ✉ pr@eng.kmutnb.ac.th
✆ 02-555-2000 ext 8110, 8114, 8147 ✉ pr@eng.kmutnb.ac.th


Bachelor's Degree at the Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering is committed to our vision, “To Train Engineers and Develop Technology for International Community”. With more than 200 academic faculty and 150 supporting staffs, we offer highest quality programs for undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees. There are 9 engineering departments covering 20 undergraduate, 13 masters and 7 doctoral programs. In addition, there are three English-language programs and two international programs. Faculty of Engineering prepares students for life and provides unique theoretical and practical hands-on learning experiences to succeed in their specialized fields. We are committed to training competent engineering workforce to support development benefits and prosperity of Thailand and other countries. Our aerospace research on developing a cube satellite known as “KNACKSAT” is internationally recognized. The satellite was entirely made by our faculty and is the first of its kind in Thailand. The Faculty fosters students' engagement with innovation, invention and design projects, encouraging their participation in domestic and international academic competitions. For example, the Invigorating Robot Activity Project (IRAP) won eight championship and Best in Class Mobility awards in World RoboCup Rescue from 2006 -2018.

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

Mechanical Engineering (Thai Program)Aerospace Engineering (Thai Program)
Mechanical Engineering (International Program)
Aerospace Engineering (International Program)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Electrical Engineering (Thai Program)
Computer Engineering (Thai Program)
Electrical Engineering (English Program)

Department of Production Engineering (PE)

Production Engineering (Thai Program)
Robotic Engineering and Automation Systems (English Program)

Department of Chemical Engineering (CHE)

Chemical Engineering (Thai Program)
Chemical Engineering (International Program)

Department of Industrial Engineering (IE)

Industrial Engineering (Thai Program)

Department of Civil Engineering (CE)

Civil Engineering (Thai Program)

Department of Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering (IEE)

Instrumentation System Engineering (3-year Thai program)
Industrial Electrical and Energy Engineering (Thai Program)
Instrumentation System Engineering (at Prachinburi campus)

Department of Materials Handling and Logistics Engineering (MHLE)

Materials Handling Engineering (Thai Program)
Logistics Engineering (Thai Program)

Department of Materials and Production Technology Engineering (MPTE)

Materials Engineering (Thai Program)
Innovative Materials Engineering (International Program)