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Free workshop: Project-Based Learning Resume and CV Workshop

Free workshop: Project-Based Learning Resume and CV Workshop

Project-Based Learning Resume and CV Workshop

by Dr.Matthew Hartley,

Lecturer from Department of Chemical Engineering

Crafting your very first resume or aiming to enhance your existing one, Project-Based Learning Resume/CV Workshop is for you

Date: 5 Oct 2023 

Time: 9.00 AM -12.00 PM.

Venue: Room 81-326, Faculty of Engineering

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Detail of workshop:

Hands-On Experience: Dive right into the world of resume creation by examining real, polished resumes. Learn how to transform your own resume into a compelling document that stands out.

Tailored for resume. We’ll guide you through showcasing your skills, designs, and problem-solving abilities effectively.

🔍 Keyword Optimization: Discover the art of strategically placing keywords in your resume to make it ATS-friendly, increasing your chances of getting noticed by employers.

Your Resume as an Advertisement: Think of your resume as an advertisement for your skills and potential. Craft a one or two-page document that convinces employers why you’re the perfect fit for their opportunities.

A Living Document: Understand that your resume evolves with your career. Each submission may require tweaks, whether it’s adjusting your objective statement or highlighting your latest achievements and skills to match the job posting. Peer Review: Towards the end of the course, you’ll engage in peer resume reviews. We provide a detailed rubric to guide your assessments, covering various aspects of resume excellence.