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Visa Matters

Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB)

Visa Application

Basic information about Visa at KMUTNB for International Student

Thailand Education Visa for Studying (Non-Immigrant ED)

    – In case of student is in their own country

Contact the nearest Thai embassy or consulate and request to apply for a non-immigrant visa code “ED” (Education visa). The KMUTNB acceptance letter (English letter) should be shown for the purpose of coming to Thailand. Please note that student must enter to Thailand with an ED visa; DO NOT apply for a tourist visa.

    – In case of student is in Thailand with another kind of visa (such as visa on arrival, tourist visa)

The student must apply for a visa status alteration (Application fee of 2,000 THB) to change for an ED visa. In order to process a status alteration, the current visa should be at least 15 days valid. Then, apply the visa status alteration form TM.86 along with an acceptance letter (English letter) and the KMUTNB letter of visa application (Thai letter issued by KMUTNB).

Otherwise the student must leave Thailand to process the ED visa application in any Thai embassy or consulate. The procedure will take about a few business days up to one week. Once ED visa is issued, the student can return to Thailand to begin school his/her study. 

Report the residence within 24 hours: TM 30

Report the residence within 24 hours (TM 30) The residence owner or hotel manager must notify the local immigration office when the alien stays in your residence within 24 hours from the time of arrival of the foreign national. If there is no immigration office in the province or locality of the respective house or hotel, must notify to the local police station. In Bangkok owner must notify to the Immigration Bureau. The residence owner can notification by

 – In person or through an authorized person at the Immigration Bureau, local immigration office and local police station.

 – Registered mail 

 – Via internet.

Documents required

1. Copy of owner ID card and signature’s owner 

2. Copy of house registration and signature’s owner 

3. Copy of rental agreement 

4. Form TM.30 and Name of aliens in residence (Download From TM 30)

Remark Receipt of notification TM30 student have to keep for first time of 90 days report.

Visa Extension : TM 7

Once student enters to Thailand with ED non-immigration visa, the visa will allow you to stay in Thailand for 90 days. Student who would like to stay over 90 days must do visa extension before its expiration. To process the visa extension, student has to contact your faculty to issue the Thai official letter for visa extension required document of report 90 days. You can report to Thai Immigration by 

– In person 

– Through an authorized person. 

– Registered mail. 

Documents required 

1. Immigration Form (TM.7)  (Download Immigration Form TM7)

2. The original passport and copy of profile page and all of Thai immigration stamped pages 

3. A 4 cm. X 6 cm. Photograph (recent photos within the last 6 months, not printed by computer) 

4. Arrival/Departure card (TM.6) and a copy 

5. Thai official letter signed by the dean 

6. A copy of student ID card or IES card (If you are non-credit taking student) 

7. Copy of registration paper and receipt (if any) 

8. Acknowledgement Form 

9. Acknowledgement of Penalties 

10. Fee = 1,900 Baht 

11. Receipt of notification (TM 30)  (For Example of Receipt of notification)

 * Verify all copies with your signature. All signatures must be corresponded with your signature on passport. Please be informed that: student must apply in person at the immigration office (Chaeng Wattana) and it is responsibility of individual student to follow visa expiration date and make appropriate extension on time.

90-Day Notification : TM 47

After getting the extension, student will be allowed to stay further in Thailand for the duration of study but not than 1 year. The 90 day reports to Immigration office are required to report your current address “every 90 days” (within 15 days before or 7 days after) However, the 90 days reports is not equal to a visa extension and if you leave Thailand anytime during the 90 days period, then the day will restart from 1 upon your re-entry into Thailand

there are 4 options for processing the 90 days report

1. Report in person at Bangkok Immigration
Just bring your passport to contact them. (fill the form TM.47, No fees) The process takes only a few min to finish the report.

See how to get to immigration here :

2. Online Report through website
Please visit this website for 90 days report Online

 3. Download Application through your smartphone
Please download application here

 4. Submit the 90 days report by post (Registered mail)

If you would like to report to Thai Immigration via registered mail, you will need to send the following required documents:

🔺Copy of all passport pages (up to the latest arrival stamp in the Kingdom or latest visa stamp)
🔺Copy of arrival/departure card TM. 6 (front and back)
🔺Previous notifications of staying over 90 days (if any)
🔺Completely filled in and signed notification form TM. 47
🔺Envelope with 5 Baht stamp affixed and return address of foreigner for the officer in charge to send back the lower part of form TM. 47 after having received the notification. This part must be kept for reference and for future notifications of staying over 90 days.

You must then send these documents to this address, keeping in mind that they should arrive 7 days before your 90-day period expires:

Government Complex Building B

⚠️Please note that you have to keep the receipt of the registration for verification purposes when sending registered mail.

Documents Required

1. Passport and departure card (TM.6)  (For Example of Passport and departure card TM 6)

2. Immigration Form TM 47  (Download Immigration Form TM 47)

3. Receipt of notification (TM 30) 

4. Receipt of notification TM 47 (if you ever report 90 days)

Re-entry permit (TM8)

If you have an extension of stay or single entry permit (of a tourist or nonimmigrant visa), but would like to travel outside Thailand for a short period then you will need to apply for a re-entry permit 

Documents Required
1. Re-entry Permit Form TM-8  (Download Re-entry Permit Form TM-8)

2. Colored photo (4cm x 6cm)

3. Photocopy of passport (main page and latest entry stamp)

The current fees for re-entry permits are as follows:

•1,000 Baht for single permit

•3,800 Baht for multiple permit
Important Student cannot leave Thailand without re-entry permit, otherwise you will lose ED visa and you will have to repeat the whole procedure to get a new ED visa.


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