“The Faculty of Engineering at King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok is well-known for strong academic programs that produce highly capable graduates with practical engineering skills.  In 2013, the Faculty celebrated our 50th anniversary, marking 50 years of technological advances by our faculty members, professional contributions by our graduates, and fruitful collaborations with the private sector.  An ever increasing demand for new engineers in Thailand and the advent of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) are bringing upon us an era of international engineering workforce as well as international exchanges of technologies, ones that transcend national borders and economic barriers.  In response to such demands, we have developed a number of interdisciplinary programs that fulfill the needs of cutting-edge technologies by the industries in Thailand and abroad.  Our engagements with world-class universities and institutes reinforce and attest to our internationally recognized engineering practices, and we are ready to engage in new endeavors with interested parties who share our visions of practicing and promoting the best engineering skills.”

Assoc. Prof. Udomkiat Nontakaew, Ph.D.
Dean of Faculty of Engineering